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“5 Key Barriers to Retrofit”

June 3, 2024

5 Key Barriers to Retrofit….

By LivGreen

➡ Complexity: Each home is unique, with variations in design, construction, and modifications, necessitating bespoke solutions. Altering insulation affects moisture dynamics, requiring careful planning to avoid issues.

➡Skills Shortage: There’s a lack of skilled professionals to design and implement these bespoke solutions. Upskilling the workforce requires stability and long-term commitment from retrofit programs to ensure confidence and investment.

➡Finance and Value: Deep retrofits are expensive, costing £30,000 to £50,000. Energy savings alone don’t justify the investment due to low energy costs. Financial incentives, long-term loans, and adjustments in property values could help. However, current home values don’t reflect retrofit investments, posing a financial risk to homeowners.

➡Upheaval: Retrofitting can be disruptive, often requiring homeowners to live through the renovations. Planning retrofits during home moves or maintenance can mitigate this. A step-by-step approach can also help, provided it’s well-planned to avoid hindering future improvements.

➡Quality and Trust: Successful large-scale adoption requires high standards and proven performance. Accreditation for designers and installers, along with independent quality assurance, can help. Community-driven projects, like Manchester’s Carbon Coop, can support and share knowledge among homeowners.

The barriers to retrofit are significant. However, to achieve the considerable levels of carbon reduction needed by 2050, we will require nothing short of a complete transformation of the UK’s housing stock. LivGreen are helping support this as a Specialist Retrofit Contractor delivering end-to-end programmes nationwide, covering the whole process from retrofit assessments to design, install, coordination, evaluation, monitoring and handover. We have experience delivering successful projects through various funding streams such as SHDF Wave 1 and 2, LAD & ECO4 which we can also assist you in securing funding for.

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