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“Delivering Excellence”

June 24, 2024

Delivering Excellence in Quantity Surveying

In the dynamic world of construction, maintaining stringent cost controls, ensuring timely payments, and managing variations are critical for the successful completion of any project. SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited, renowned for its expertise and precision in quantity surveying, has been pivotal in providing comprehensive commercial support to ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited. This collaboration has notably been exemplified through the recent successful completion of a two-storey extension project designed to enhance a residential property with an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a terrace with glass balustrading, and a luxurious new master bedroom.

SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s commitment to excellence is evident through their dedicated site visits every two weeks. These regular site inspections are not merely a formality but a critical component of their service delivery. During these visits, SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited ensures that any variation adjustments are promptly addressed. Variations in construction projects are changes that occur after the contract has been signed, and they can have significant implications for costs and schedules if not managed properly.

By attending the site bi-weekly, SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited provides ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited with real-time support, ensuring that any deviations from the original plans are swiftly identified and managed. This proactive approach minimises delays and cost overruns, fostering a seamless progression of the construction works.

Another crucial aspect of SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s role is conducting monthly valuations on behalf of ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited. Monthly valuations are essential for assessing the work completed and determining the corresponding payments. This process ensures that contractors and subcontractors are paid promptly for the work they have done, which is vital for maintaining cash flow and financial stability throughout the project.

SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s approach to monthly valuations ensures accuracy and fairness, fostering a transparent and trustworthy relationship between all parties involved. Their expertise in assessing the value of completed work, including materials on site and the quality of construction, guarantees that ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited can confidently manage their financial commitments.

The Project: A Two-Storey Extension

Over an eight-month period, SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited and ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited collaborated on a remarkable two-storey extension project. This project was designed to transform a residential property by creating an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a terrace with glass balustrading, and a new master bedroom with ensuite. The extension not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the property but also significantly improved its functionality and value.

Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Space: The creation of an open-plan kitchen and dining area required meticulous planning and execution. This modern design trend involves removing interior walls to create a large, flowing space that enhances natural light and promotes a sense of openness. SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited ensured that all structural adjustments were accurately costed and that any variations, such as unforeseen structural issues or changes in materials, were promptly managed.

Terrace with Glass Balustrading: The addition of a terrace with glass balustrading provided the property with a luxurious outdoor space, offering stunning views of the Littleham Brook valley. Glass balustrades require precise installation to ensure safety and aesthetic appeal. SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s role in managing the costs associated with these high-end materials and their installation was critical to maintaining the project’s budget.

Master Bedroom with Ensuite: The new master bedroom, complete with ensuite, added a touch of luxury to the property. This part of the project required careful coordination of plumbing, electrical work, and high-quality finishes. SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s detailed monthly valuations ensured that all aspects of the construction were accounted for, and that ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited could maintain the high standards required for such a premium addition.

Enhancements Throughout the Property: The project also included underfloor heating and redecoration throughout the entire property. Underfloor heating systems, while providing energy efficiency and comfort, require detailed planning and integration with the existing structure. SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s expertise in cost management ensured that these enhancements were implemented without financial strain on the project.

Redecoration, which included painting, plastering, and other finishes, was meticulously managed to ensure consistency and quality across the entire property.

The Impact of SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited: The successful completion of this two-storey extension project is a testament to the critical role played by SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited. Their consistent site visits and monthly valuations provided ATW Bricklaying & General Building with the commercial support necessary to navigate the complexities of the construction process.

By managing variations efficiently and ensuring accurate valuations, SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited enabled ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited to focus on delivering high-quality construction work. This partnership exemplifies how professional quantity surveying services can add immense value to construction projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited’s collaboration with ATW Bricklaying & General Building Limited highlights the importance of expert quantity surveying in the successful delivery of complex construction projects. Through regular site visits and meticulous monthly valuations, SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited provided the commercial support necessary to manage variations, maintain financial fluidity, and ensure the high-quality completion of a transformative two-storey extension. This project not only enhanced the functionality and value of the property but also underscored the critical role of professional quantity surveying in achieving construction excellence.



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