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“Designing clinical excellence” Arcadis

July 4, 2024

Designing clinical excellence – The Dyson Cancer Centre

 Arcadis, a leading global company delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets, has successfully delivered a brand-new care facility in Somerset, United Kingdom for the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust.

In partnership with Kier Construction, Arcadis was responsible for the architecture and interior design of The Dyson Cancer Centre. The Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH) NHS Foundation Trust was providing cancer care from outdated building stock and needed to deliver a brand-new facility to reflect the standard of care provided and better respond to advances in cancer treatment and increased service demand.

The site for The Dyson Cancer Centre was originally identified as part of a masterplan designed by Arcadis’ architectural team over 10 years ago. Located by the main entrance at the hospital, The Dyson Cancer Centre is a prominent new addition to the Trust’s estate redevelopment. Arcadis’ architectural division carried out an extensive consultation with patients, relatives, staff and key stakeholders to develop a solution that is completely sensitive to the user’s needs.

Following the extensive consultation process, Arcadis’ architectural team went away and decided that the design needed to not only promote clinical excellence, but a feeling of calm throughout the centre. Through the combination of natural light, noise reduction, creating connectivity with green spaces and integrating beautiful artwork, Arcadis’ holistic approach will help to reduce stress, anxiety and support every step of the patient journey. Arcadis implemented a robust plan to minimise the disruption to the Trust during the complex construction process by carefully planning the design to enable services to be temporarily relocated or remain functioning in situ.

The state-of-the-art Dyson Cancer Centre, which is 6,200 sq metres and set over three storeys, includes chemotherapy and day care, out-patients, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, medical physics, a 22-bed inpatient ward, pharmacy, family accommodation, a wellbeing information and support hub, and staff hub. The in-patient ward makes extensive use of natural light and views, with bedrooms facing outwards to create a calming experience for patients. The Macmillan Wellbeing hub is a comforting space, providing comprehensive support services for patients, their families and carers and the wider community including support and advice, specialist counselling, complementary therapies and family accommodation to stay close to loved ones. The Dyson Cancer Centre also brings together clinicians and researchers and acts as a hub for clinical trials. Partnerships with The University of Bath, cancer research centres and charities drive groundbreaking research for improved cancer treatments.

The interior design concept carried out by Arcadis sought to bring the outside in, with a focus on how a connection to nature provides a therapeutic, supportive and uplifting environment for patients, staff and visitors. Using inspiration from the local area, the theme ‘Land, Water and Sky’ creates a journey through the building with references to the botanical gardens around Bath. The use of natural textures, tones and colours reflects a comforting, supportive environment specifically tailored to the emotional needs of each individual space. Arcadis’ interior design team worked in collaboration with Art at the Heart, an inspiring art & design programme at RUH, to develop an integrated design and art scheme, linking back to the three main themes. Through the combination of natural light, noise reduction, creating connectivity with green spaces and integrating art, sculptures and installations, Arcadis evidence-based sensory design approach helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and support every step of the patient journey. 


 Arcadis is the world’s leading company delivering data-driven sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. We are more than 36,000 architects, data analysts, designers, engineers, project planners, water management and sustainability experts, all driven by our passion for improving quality of life.  As part of our commitment to accelerating a planet positive future, we work with our clients to make sustainable project choices, combining digital and human innovation, and embracing future-focused skills across the environment, energy and water, buildings, transport, and infrastructure sectors. We operate in over 30 countries, and in 2023 reported €5.0 billion in gross revenues.


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