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“Cadet Mews” by Fun:Lab Design

February 29, 2024

Cadet Mews, London Borough of Sutton

By Funlab Architecture & Design /

Funlab were appointed by the developer to develop a Stage 4 technical package during the course of the Autumn of 2020 which was also the practices first commission.

Funlab is a Somerset practice that came out of the the lockdowns of 2020. As we are all to familiar with this was a rather strange and unique period in time, but it is only this time that enabled Funlab, without the internet and the ‘find an architect’ type websites it would have been almost impossible to develop a business let alone an architectural practice in this period where face to face networking wasn’t possible.

By signing up to the various professional services websites it was possible to find a small independent developer with a modest brownfield site in the suburbs of south west London. This site had an approved scheme in place and Funlab were appointed to develop a Stage 4 drawing package for the developer to take on to site.

Taking a project from Stage 4 wasn’t of concern founding architect Luke Hayes had spent the previous 12 years working for a well established central London practice Ingleton Wood, here he took on Design and Build projects across the RIBA Stages, Cadet Mews was not dissimilar.

This project was delivered remotely in its entirety. While this is clearly possible technologically it is not a process to make habitual, seeing the physical constraints of a site and actually meeting clients and beginning to understand them in person is vital to provide quality services.

This development did have to meet the requirements of the London Plan which has additional measures to improve the thermal envelope to reduce carbon emissions. The developer drove the overall method for construction by using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) construction.

Looking back this needs to be commended, at the time of construction in 2021-22 and material prices were apparently increasing, certain products were hard to find it may have been easier and less stressful to use typical construction methods.

Cadet Mews is situated in the London Borough of Sutton and consists of 3 modern styled townhouses that provide open plan type living spaces.

The modern architectural sits well in the location due to the surrounding developments all being of a similar age but of differing styles, the material palate is not alien to this part of London. While the overall design is minimal there are one or two accents that the developer established on site that give the project a personality of its own.

Each townhouse boasts a private outdoor space, whether it’s a balcony, terrace, or landscaped garden. These tranquil retreats provide residents with a peaceful oasis in the midst of urban life, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. Whether enjoying a morning coffee on the balcony or hosting a barbecue in the garden, residents can fully embrace the joys of outdoor living.

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