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Introducing: ArchAdemia

March 21, 2024

The all-in-one training platform for Architects & Students: ArchAdemia

Introducing ArchAdemia, your gateway to the architectural world. This platform is brimming with expert-led tutorials, interactive modules, insightful podcasts, and a supportive community, all tailored to enhance your journey in architecture from its foundations to the pinnacle of your career.

For students, ArchAdemia acts as your leap from theoretical knowledge to practical application. Engage in software tutorials delivered by experienced professionals from the industry, equipping you with the skills necessary to make a significant mark from the outset. Sharpen your drafting techniques, adeptly manage projects, and delve into podcasts offering firsthand insights from those who’ve led the way. The transition from academic life to professional reality can seem daunting, but ArchAdemia is here to ensure you’re equipped for practice.

For practising architects, this platform appreciates the value of your time by offering succinct, easily integrated lessons and resources that blend into your busy lives. Advance your expertise in sustainability, building regulations, or perfecting the art of client relations. It’s a chance to broaden your professional capabilities beyond the basics of design.

But ArchAdemia is more than just tutorials and resources. It’s a lively community where passions converge, discussions thrive, and connections are made. It’s an environment where both students and professionals can share, learn, and grow together, overcoming traditional barriers.

With a selection of 35 carefully chosen courses that span from the fundamentals for beginners to advanced techniques in parametric design and Building Information Modelling (BIM), the platform guides you through mastering the realm of architecture. Whether it’s enhancing your proficiency in software or deepening your understanding of design principles, there’s an entire library of courses to choose from.

Covering tools from Revit to Rhino, and Photoshop to Twinmotion, the courses simplify the process of becoming adept with the software at the forefront of the industry. Each course, led by RIBA-certified architects, is brimming with actionable insights and practical exercises aimed at transforming learners into a connoisseur of architectural software.

The ArchAdemia resource library is continuously expanding, ensuring you stay updated with the most recent advancements and innovations in our field. Courses currently in development include an introduction to Blender, advanced navigation in Part 3, and a masterclass in architectural model making. 

Dive into ArchAdemia’s vast array of download packs, crafted to enhance your architectural workflow by providing an essential library of tools and resources compatible with various software applications. Their collection includes CAD blocks, Revit families, CGI textures, rendering presets, Excel templates for area calculations, and much more. For example, the Architect’s Took Kit is loaded with templates, checklists, and guides to ensure your projects progress seamlessly. It includes everything from project management Excel spreadsheets to InDesign templates for your presentations, offering the tools you need to easily navigate the architectural world.

Or perhaps, you could check out their regulation guide, helping you to navigate UK construction regulations a breeze with our CDM & Principal Designer Pack, packed with checklists and guidance to keep your projects compliant and safe. Additionally, the Planning Toolkit demystifies the planning process, offering resources from site analysis to feasibility studies, aiding you in creating persuasive applications and securing planning permissions effortlessly.

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