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“Madinat Jumeirah Living” Dubai

May 24, 2024

Madinat Jumeirah Living, more popularly known as MJL is set to be a luxurious haven of freehold residences, strategically located opposite two of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. The development comprise of 60 buildings with an approximate total of 3,562 apartment units.

Designed by DSA Architects International, a renowned firm known for their innovative and cutting-edge designs, MJL promises to be a masterpiece in modern architecture. The development is primarily residential use, apartment living, but will also have a mixed use / commercial & retail element to service visitors & residents alike.

The exclusive collection of homes embodies the same essence as the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah, offering residents a seamless connection to its vibrant retail and entertainment hub. The development physically connects directly to Madinat Jumeirah, therefore further leveraging this well-established asset.

The architectural language of the buildings is soft and welcoming, reflecting a modern yet timeless aesthetic that seamlessly blends with its contemporary interior layouts and elegant design elements.

As the lead consultant and design architect of the project, DSA ensured that every aspect of the development is meticulously planned and executed to provide residents with the ultimate living experience. The juxtaposition and scale differentiation of the residential buildings produce a rich and varied experience. As one walks through the neighbourhood, they are taken on a labyrinthine journey where surprises await around every corner. The grouping of buildings forms community clusters that not only enhance security but also foster a sense of identity.

The roof scape is designed to offer visual delight by articulated building massing enhanced by intricate detailing of smaller elements such as wind towers, domes, crenelated parapets, balcony towers and pergolas with all elements selected to reinforce the original inspiration.

The landscape design at pedestrian level intensifies the inflection and spatial richness of the buildings. Garden walls to ground level apartments become the signature of the place – varying hard and soft scape elements, different water features and a rich selection of trees, shrubs and ground covers will enhance the experience. The sense of ‘resort living’ is enhanced further at night when the intricate mixture of rich architecture and landscape becomes illuminated by subtle lighting to add quality to the experience, for the passerby as well as the resident looking out from the apartments.

Nestled between lavish, vibrant landscapes and wadis, wind towers and broad shaded walkways offer a pleasant pedestrian journey of discovery. Tranquil open spaces provide areas for active and relaxed entertainment while interconnected human scale pathways lead residents to surprises at every corner on a journey of discovery.

The development is pedestrian-centric and environmentally friendly, it has been designed with safety by limiting car access to a designated drop off areas, basement and visitor parking.

The careful planning and consideration DSA put into the layout of the residential buildings greatly enhance the living experience for its residents and sets the scene for an unparalleled resort living.



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