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“Para 79” Rural house project

May 22, 2024

Para 79 House  Johnson Design Partnership.

CGI services, Exterior Visualisation. Drone Photo Montage.

We are always happy when a Para 79 project lands on our desks, it’s incredibly exciting because each project is unique, offering a fresh and creative challenge. Para 79 homes do not follow a standard template. There’s no cut-and-paste approach to form, design, or layout. Each one is distinct, exceptional, and an absolute “wow” project. These are the types of projects that you truly want to immerse yourself in, dedicating time and effort to bring them to life in the most extraordinary way.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is structured into various paragraphs, each addressing different subjects related to planning and development. Paragraphs 55, 79, and 80 specifically focus on housing in rural areas. These sections outline the stringent criteria that a new isolated house in the countryside must meet to gain approval. Paragraph 79, in particular, has become synonymous with projects that push the boundaries of rural housing design, demanding the highest standards in architecture and innovation.

To qualify for approval under Paragraph 79, a proposal’s design must be of ‘exceptional quality.’ This means it should be truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture. Such designs are expected to raise the overall standards of rural architecture, serving as exemplars for future developments. Additionally, the proposed home must significantly enhance its immediate surroundings, blending harmoniously with the countryside while also making a bold architectural statement.

Creating a Paragraph 79 home begins with understanding and embracing these principles. As a CGI artist specializing in architectural visualization, the process involves several meticulous steps to ensure the final images reflect the project’s uniqueness and outstanding quality.

Firstly, client consultation is paramount. Understanding the client’s vision, preferences, and requirements helps in forming the initial concept. This site is located deep in the South Shropshire countryside not far from Bridgnorth and has watercourses on three sides.

Next, a site analysis is conducted. Utilising drone video and still photography, we liaised with our client and selected the best view to show the site in its existing context with the three watercourses. Topographical information was provided to ensure accurate representation not only to the building but also the landscaping in which it sits.  Gathering reference materials, was crucial insight into how the design intergrated with the natural landscape. This step is essential for ensuring the proposal sits within the existing context.

Once we had the building CAD info in hand we set about producing the white card massing images which are used to agree accuarcy of the design reproduction, along with the work in progress camera views. We would also then create mood boards to agree the desired aesthetic working with our clients final material choices. These preliminary ideas set the stage for more detailed work.

3D modeling is the heart of the process a detailed model of the house and its site is created. This model includes all architectural details and reflects the innovative design features required for a Paragraph 79 project.  Lots of 3D assets are used to re produce the soft landscaping, trees and shrubs which form a large portion of the image.

Once the model is complete, texturing and material application are completed to add realism, followed by setting up natural and artificial lighting conditions to simulate different times of the day and weather scenarios. For the main shot our client requested a dusk or early evening night shot, this entailed the need for adding more detail to the interiors of the shots, Rendering is then carried out using high-quality render engines to produce photorealistic backplates to be taken into Post Production.

Post-production on these types of project is as important as the modelling as you have to caputure the essence of the rural landscape this involves refining these images enhancing colors, adding atmospheric effects, and ensuring the final visuals are both stunning and true to the clients vision.

Once sign off is received from the client our images are then included within their submission document.

We were really happy to hear that this project was approved we would like to think our images played a small part in this process.

If you have a project coming up and you would like to discuss how we can work with you to deliver  a set of images that truly convey your design, please do get in touch.


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