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Podcast – Episode Eight

May 29, 2024

Join us in this enlightening episode of “An Interview with an Architect” as we explore the fascinating journey of Niall, an architect who seamlessly transitioned from working in a traditional architecture firm to becoming a self-employed influencer in the industry. Discover how the 2008 recession and personal resilience propelled Neil to establish his own practice and later, a thriving YouTube channel that led to the birth of his consultancy service, Real Life Architecture. 🔹 In This Episode: Niall shares his initial challenges and the unexpected turn that led him to start his own practice from his kitchen table. Learn how a YouTube channel started as a hobby became a significant part of his professional life, influencing architects and homeowners alike. Niall discusses his approach to providing valuable advice through online consultations and how this unique service model has expanded his reach across the UK. 🌍 About Architecture Vogue: Architecture Vogue is your hub for insights into the architecture world, featuring stories like Niall’s that inspire and educate. If you’re an architecture enthusiast or professional seeking to expand your horizons or find your niche in the industry, make sure to subscribe to our channel for more compelling interviews and stories. Visit our website for more information and to explore a wide range of services tailored for the architecture community:

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