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Podcast – Episode Five

March 12, 2024

Welcome to Episode 5 of “An Interview with an Architect,” where we unravel the journey of solo practice ownership with Jon Clayton, a Chartered Architectural Technologist and fellow podcaster who’s making waves in residential architecture.

In this insightful episode, Jon opens up about the intricacies of running a solo practice, the strategic role of outsourcing, and valuable tips for up-and-coming architects.

He sheds light on the importance of fostering open conversations within the industry, viewing fellow professionals as peers, not rivals, and how this perspective can lead to a richer architectural landscape. Tune in to learn: * The rewards and challenges of solo practice ownership. * Effective outsourcing strategies to streamline your workflow. * Jon’s personal tips for success in residential architecture. * The significance of collaborative dialogue in driving the industry forward.

Whether you’re a seasoned architect, a solo practitioner, or someone passionate about the future of architecture, this conversation with Jon Clayton is sure to offer fresh perspectives and encouragement for a more united and innovative profession.

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