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Podcast – Episode Nine

June 11, 2024

Welcome to another engaging episode of “An Interview with an Architect” featuring Dominic Kramer, a seasoned architect with a robust 40-year career. In this episode, Dominic shares his profound experiences from master planning in Milton Keynes to pioneering zero-carbon passive houses. 🎤 What’s Inside: Dominic’s Architectural Path: Discover how Dominic transitioned from working at a large firm to setting influential environmental standards in architecture. Projects and Impact: From schools to passive houses, Dominic discusses the variety and depth of his projects and the lasting impact they have on communities. Advice for Aspiring Architects: Gain insights into the professional growth and the legacy that architects can build over a career. 🌐 About Us: Join host Nick Brown as he explores the lives and careers of various architects, offering viewers a deep dive into the architectural world. This series not only highlights individual journeys and projects but also serves as a platform for professionals to share knowledge and inspire the next generation. 🔗 Want more? Visit Architecture Vogue for additional content, articles, and architectural job listings. ✅ Subscribe for more conversations and insights into architecture’s creative and technical sides, directly from the professionals. Don’t forget to like and comment on your thoughts or questions about today’s discussion!

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