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Podcast – Episode Six

March 26, 2024
Welcome to Episode 6 of “An Interview with an Architect,” where we dive into the world of solo practice ownership, outsourcing strategies, and the essence of community within the architecture industry. This episode features Lydia Robinson, Creative Director of Design Story, an Oxfordshire-based practice specialising in listed buildings, conservation work, and innovative residential projects.

In this insightful conversation, Lydia shares her journey from architecture student to leading her own practice, the challenges and rewards of being a solo practice owner, and her approach to outsourcing to enhance project delivery. Moreover, she delves into the significance of fostering open discussions in the architectural community and viewing others as peers rather than competition.

Key Highlights:
* Lydia’s architectural journey and the genesis of Design Story.
* The intricacies of running a solo architectural practice.
* Strategies for successful outsourcing in architecture.
* The importance of opening up architectural conversations and collaboration within the industry.

Whether you’re an established architect, a solo practitioner, or someone passionate about the architectural field, this episode offers valuable insights into building a successful practice while contributing positively to the architectural community.

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