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Insights: The Quantity Surveyor

February 29, 2024

In the complex environment of construction projects, there are crucial players often working behind the scenes – the Quantity Surveyors. Despite their importance, the role of a Quantity Surveyor is often misunderstood or overlooked. Yet, their contribution is integral to the success of construction endeavours. We aim to shed light on the responsibilities, skills, and significance of a quantity surveyor in the construction industry by looking at a current project being delivered by a local contractor in East Devon.





Project Overview

This new build two storey dwelling overlooking the Jurassic Coast, designed to harmonise with its breathtaking natural surroundings while providing modern comfort and luxury. Situated nestled within the rolling hills adjacent to the coast, this dwelling offers unparalleled panoramic views of the iconic Jurassic Coastline.

Due for completion Summer 2024, this architectural design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with traditional aesthetics, ensuring that the dwelling complements the coastal landscape rather than detracting from it. Large windows and spacious outdoor terraces are strategically incorporated to maximize views of the rugged coastline, sparkling sea, and dramatic cliffs, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the splendour of their surroundings from every vantage point.

Inside, the interior spaces are thoughtfully crafted to prioritise both comfort and elegance. Open-plan living areas seamlessly flow from one to the next, creating a sense of fluidity and spaciousness. Sleek finishes, and natural materials such as wood and stone further enhance the sense of luxury and tranquillity. The décor is inspired by the coastal environment, with a palette of sandy tones that echo the colours of the sea and shore.

The dwelling will be equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and technology, catering to the needs and desires of modern-day living. A kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances is a focal point for culinary enthusiasts, while cozy yet sophisticated living spaces provide the perfect retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Bedrooms are sanctuaries of comfort and serenity, with mesmerising coastal views.

Quantity Surveyors Role

SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited initially worked with the architects and the client to provide a feasibility cost plan, by budget estimating the costs involved in the project based on initial design concepts.

We were subsequently appointed by the preferred local contractor as the quantity surveyors to manage the costs and financial aspects of this new dwelling from inception to completion, with a primary objective of ensuring the project is completed within budget, while also meeting quality standards and adhering to relevant regulations.

On this domestic project SL Quantity Surveying (SW) Limited is playing a key role in ensuring that the project stays within budget while meeting the client’s requirements.

Typical responsibilities on projects include:

  • Budget Management: Throughout the project, we have managed the budget by tracking expenditures and ensuring that costs are kept within the allocated budget. Whilst identifying areas where cost savings can be made or where additional expenses may arise.
  • Procurement: Providing assistance in the procurement process by sourcing suppliers and subcontractors, obtaining quotations, and negotiating contracts. Ensuring that the chosen suppliers and subcontractors provide quality services within the project’s budget constraints.
  • Value Engineering: Optimizing the value of the project by balancing cost, quality, and performance. Identifying opportunities for cost savings without compromising the project’s objectives or the quality of the final product.
  • Cost Control: Throughout the project, the QS would closely monitor costs, reviewing change orders, assessing variations, and managing any claims that may arise. They implement strategies to control expenses and minimize financial risk.
  • Risk Management: Identification of potential risks that could impact the project’s cost or schedule and develop strategies to mitigate these risks, including contingency planning for unforeseen expenses or delays.
  • Final Account Settlement: At the completion of the project, we will prepare the final account, reconciling actual costs against the budget and negotiating any final payments or adjustments with client, contractors, and suppliers.

In summary, we as Quantity Surveyor play a role in ensuring the financial success of any domestic construction project, by using our expertise in cost estimation, budget management, procurement, and risk assessment to help minimise financial risks and ensure that the project is completed within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

The new build dwelling overlooking the Jurassic Coast is a masterpiece of architecture and design, seamlessly integrating with its spectacular surroundings to offer residents a truly exceptional living experience that celebrates the timeless allure of this iconic coastal landscape.

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