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“The Junction” Manchester

June 11, 2024

The Junction at Manchester Central: by Up North Architects

Interior Design Development CGI Services, Photography.

Project Overview: The Junction is set to be an exciting new bar, restaurant, café, and social workspace located within the iconic Manchester Central Venue. Designed by Up North Architects, our team was enlisted to help secure approval for the design proposal and color palette selection for this innovative space.

Design Brief: The Junction aims to serve as a versatile coffee shop and mixed-use workspace during the day and transition into a vibrant evening destination for dining and socializing. It is intended to cater to the diverse needs of the public and  attendees of the numerous events held at Manchester Central.

Our Approach: Starting from CAD plans and concept sketches, we created a series of white card images. These images are essential for visualizing the space and determining the most effective viewpoints to showcase it. White card renders are a crucial step in our CGI production process, providing a preliminary feel for the design and aiding in viewpoint selection.

Collaborative Effort: At Shove Media, we thrive on collaboration. We enjoy working closely with designers, bringing their concepts to life as they evolve from sketches to final designs. Our CGI services allow for the easy creation and modification of multiple design variations. This flexibility enables the presentation of different color schemes, furniture arrangements, and material finishes, helping clients make informed decisions swiftly.

Final Stages: Once the views and designs are approved, we proceed with material and lighting adjustments to match the backplate photography. We then enhance the images by adding human elements, bringing life to the visuals.

Project Timeline: CGI delivery was 10 days and The Junction is currently under construction with a scheduled opening date of summer of 2024.

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